5 ways to use Pic Collage Kids App

Did you know the Pic Collage Kids app has tons of FREE stickers for kids? They can be used in so many ways in your classroom projects. Let me share with you some ideas of ways to use the Pic Collage Kids app and their stickers.

1. Use for writing poetry. Use one sticker and make a poem to go with it. Make a shorter or longer poem and and creatively add stickers that go with the poem. There are lots of fall and Halloween themed sticker sets.

2. Use for writing mini sticker stories. Pick 3 stickers and write a mini story.

3. Use for math. Make missing addend problems. You could also create make a ten problems, doubles facts, near doubles facts, and more. 

4. Make a math story problem. Write story problems for other students to solve.

5. Use for reading. You could retell a story. Find important events in your text. Name your characters, settings, and events.  Find and label non-fiction text features. You can also add your own photo to any project and cut around it to make it more like a sticker in your project.

iPad Rules Freebie and More Deals

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TUESDAY- These Math Thinking Cards  are great for teaching younger kids mental math strategies. Print, laminate, and put on a ring to read to your class. Brand new to my store are my Editable iPad Poster Rules with 33 different options you will have lots to choose from. I think you will just love the Emoji and Melonheadz combination. If you don't have time or money to buy and and make your own get a freebie set of iPad rules here.

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A Week Of Savings

Summer is ticking away and school supplies are coming out everywhere. I am super excited to give you some great deals this week that are perfect for the dreaded "BACK TO SCHOOL" time. I have been frantically working on getting my room ready because we start back August 9th. It's coming quickly. 


These are some of the deals to look for this week. 

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MONDAY- Check out this Brand New Emoji Writing Dice that will be super fun and engaging for your students. This one has 3 different writing prompt cards. Its easy prep. Just print, add dice, roll, and write. A super easy writing station. Also for $1.00 you can get my Popsicle Clip Art Pack.

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Lots of Emoji ideas

❤πŸ˜€Happy World Emoji Day. πŸ˜€❤
This post is filled with fun emoji ideas and a fabulous emoji surprise giveaway. 

😌 Emojis are everywhere... stores, food, jewelry, clothes, commercials and even in the classroom. There are probably many more places I'm missed. My students even got into the Emoji craze at the end of the school year and were getting lots of cute emojis in their Mc Donald's Happy Meals.

🐹 In a recent magazine in the mail I noticed Creative Teaching Press has some fun emoji classroom decor for the classroom. (in above photo)

I want to start out by sending you to a fun Guess the Children's Book using Emojis I think you will enjoy it. If you don't have time to check it out now be sure to bookmark it and come back later.

πŸ‘½ Have you seen the site Emojione.com ? It's packed full with all Emoji icons to use. You can even  install a Google Chrome extension app keyboard to put Emojis in all your typing!! πŸ‘ That's what I used to add emojis to this post. πŸ™€

So what can you do with Emojis in your classroom???  Students totally love having fun with Emojis.

πŸ“±Make an Emoji Pic Collage. I love using Pic Collage Kids in the classroom. It is FREE. (I always go to the settings and turn off allow web search so I don't get any inappropriate photos.) Pic Collage Kids has so many options. Projects from students are always amazing and so creative. 🎨

πŸ™‹First have students take a photo of themselves using the normal camera or twist it up a bit and use the iPad Photo Booth app, Snapchat, or MSQRD app to make a fun different face photo. πŸ™Š I like using the black and white filter so the colored EMOJIS pop on the page. Students make a collage and talk about it with friends. It's a great back to school get to know each other activity. 🐲 You could also have them type out or write out things to explain their collage to the class. Each emoji is added as text to the collage.

If you don't know much about this awesome FREE app Pic Collage Kids I will be demonstrating it tomorrow on TECH with Us a new group my tech friends started sharing all kinds of fun tech ideas. Send a join request if you are interested in checking it out. We started the group to share, collaborate, and learn more about using technology in the classroom with others. ⌨

Some other great Emoji resources for the classroom are from my blogging friend Erintegration. (also a member of TECH with US community) Check out all her Emoji items here for sale on her TPT shop. My students love doing her activities.

🐸 Last I created a Fun Emoji Writing Dice Set to use in the classroom especially for World Emoji Day. All you do is print and add dice. It could be used as a whole class writing activity where everyone writes about the same thing. Have all girls write about something and boys write about something else. 😜 Have 1/2 the class write about something the other 1/2 the class writes about something else.

❤πŸ˜€It also is a simple writing station. Print the prompts and writing paper and add a dice. Kids roll the dice and begin to write. It even comes with a simple grading rubric for students to grade themselves and teachers put their score on it too.πŸ‘Š

EMOJI WRITING DICE You can get it HERE for the next 2 days for only ONE DOLLAR. I would also like to give one away to one lucky winner. If you comment below what you like or maybe hate about Emojis I will select a winner later this week. πŸ˜πŸ˜

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Dollar Deals and Gift Card Giveaways

Happy Fourth of July Everyone! 
This is such a special day for me since it's my 24th anniversary. I hope you all have fun and enjoy your holiday!! I'll be spending some quality time with my hubby.

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10 ways to use Poetics App

I love getting free apps to create mini projects on iPads in the classroom. This Poetics app has been free numerous times. It is an iPhone app but works perfectly on iPads. All you need to do is change it to iPhone in the app store when looking for it. Any app that is able to use photos, text, and can save to the camera roll is great for many different projects. (This app is best used for small words or short phrases, each text box only holds 13 characters) 

Think about a project with the magnetic poetry look. I just love how the projects turn out with this app.

Here are 10 ideas to create mini projects using the app Poetics

1. Tell about yourself

 1. A great activity to start the school year. Take a photo of yourself for the background and add words to tell about yourself. Add emojis to make it more fun and colorful. 


2. Silly Alliteration Selfies

2. Students take a photo of themselves. (My students used the Photo Booth app.) Make a silly alliteration sentence using your name. 


3. Type a Quote

3. Students practice typing skills by finding and typing an inspiring quote to share with the class. Add a photo background that goes with the quote. Print and hang them around the classroom when you are done.

4. Math Fact

4. Roll 2 dice and take a picture of them. Write a math fact to go with the dice. Add more math facts to the photo that have the same answer as the dice.


5. A Poem

5. Type up a poem or write your own. My students wrote some poems about the moon when we were studying the moon for science. A great place to get free photos to use for classroom projects is Photos For Class. That is where we got the moon photos for these poems.


6. Type a Sentence

6. Type each word of the sentence separately and then add an ending mark in its own text box to emphasize capital and ending mark. Each word automatically types as a lower case so they have to make an extra effort to capitalize the beginning of the sentence. Another option is to make different types of sentences on different photos. Have students label them as a question, statement, or command.

7. Weather Report

7. Take a photo outdoors and tell about the weather. A one, two, or three sentence weather report. You could even take a selfie and add words about the type of clothing you need for the different types of weather.

8. Science Experiment Results

8. Take a photo of your science experiment and retell the results.

9. Playground Story Problem

9.  Take students outside to the playground to act out some math story problems. Write them before hand so they know what photos to take or take photos and have them write story problems to go with the photos.


10. Caption a photo

Captions are part of non-fiction text. Have kids take photos or find photos to caption. Use photos with a topic of history or science you are studying.

I hope you have some great ideas to use the Poetics app in your classroom. Now go grab it before it goes paid. If you happen to read this after it is paid put it on your wish list because it usually goes free a couple times a year. Follow my Facebook and Instagram because I will make sure to let you know when I see it go free again!

Polaroid Borders in Color Freebie

School is out for summer and a new set of these colorful Polaroid Borders is hot off the press. If you would like to see how easy these are to use in your creations watch the short video below.

 I would like to give you a Polaroid Color Border Freebie!

Watch this short video tutorial to see how to use these borders in your products or classroom creations. 

Check out full product here
40 color polaroid borders on sale for $4.00 for a limited time.

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