Apps to Play with a Friend

Since we only had 5 ipods to use in our classroom one day a week it was fun to do partner games because more students could use the ipods at once.

Chicktionary Lite was a favorite of my students.  The goal of the game is to make as many words out of the letters they are given.  It can be timed or played without a timer. This app works well with a partner because they can help each other think of many more words than they can think of by themselves. They took turns typing in the words they would make.

EverydayMath TricTrac This was a free app in April along with many other Mc Graw Hill apps.  They were also free again during ISTE 2011.  So you might want to keep an eye on this app to see if it is offered for free at another time. This is a partner math fact game used to practice math facts.  Check out this link to see the many other math apps they have.

Bump This interactive app is so cool to share information from one ipod to another by a slight bumping together of your hands with your ipod in them. You name your ipods and then ask another ipod to join you and the friend accepts and you are connected. We used it share pictures from one ipod to another for projects.  I am excited to try this app more next school year with other projects.

Number Battle I'm so excited I found this app today.  It looks like a fun way to practice math facts.  You play with a partner and practice your mental math facts.  It looks like you add silly things to your friends face as you miss problems.  Can't wait to try this app out next year.

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