ipod and ipads in the classroom-week 4 (February 17, 2011)

Here are some new apps we used this week.

Skywrite App
- we used this app to practice word work, writing our spelling words and high frequency writing words. (we also used Glow Draw App and Etch a Sketch)

Etch A Sketch App
- we used Etch a Sketch app as a white board to follow along on our math lesson with the teacher. We normally use our white boards for this but this is less messy and no markers running out. A slight shake of the ipod or ipad erases your work.

My favorite thing we did on ipod day this week.

 SonicPics Lite App- with this app you can record your voice on 1- 3 pictures as you scroll through them on your ipod. What is really cool is you can send the slideshow straight to your computer wirelessly from the ipod. It goes into your itunes so you can play it for the whole class. We used sonicpics to record facts from our Guided reading books this week.
This is a link to explain how to make the slideshow: http://www.sonicpics.com/public/index.php#4

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