ipod and ipads in the classroom-week 1 (January 20, 2011)

Slowly easing into the world of engagement and excitement of learning, using digital devices.

Here are some of the apps our classroom explored this week.

Notes App- (This app comes on the ipod touch) We typed spelling words and used a scrabble sheet to add up the points our words were worth and typed the number beside the word.

Math Drills Lite App- We practiced our addition and subtraction facts.

Mad Lib App-We did a class mad lib together and read the funny story.

My favorite thing we did on our ipod day.


We also used todaysmeet.com, a website we learned about at technology conference, you can interact with each other by the teacher typing questions to the students and the students respond by typing answers on their ipods after finding them in the text they are reading. Everyone can see questions and answers on their device. This was done in guided reading groups with our stories and also as a whole group during reading instruction time with our basal story. I was typing the questions on the ipad and students responded on the ipod touch. Students described it in their kidblog as chatting or texting with the teacher. To set it up all you do is type the same website address on your ipods and ipad.

This is a great video explanation of how to use today's meet:

After the day was over I had students type about their experiences on kidblog. It is really great to read what they had to say. My favorite was: ween we got a i pod we were happy (actually) achule we were so happy we got 5 in are class room but in evey uter classis have 5 to.

This is a screen shot of what we did with our whole group story using todaysmeet.

Below is a photo of students responding during Guided Reading Groups.

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