ipod and ipads in the classroom-week 2 (January 27, 2011)

Here are some new apps we used this week.
Spelling Cat App- You can type you spelling words into the app under create new list. There are 3 games to play with the words you type in.

Glow Draw App- You can practice writing your spelling words on the ipod with your finger. To erase you just shake the ipod slightly and the word disappears. You can change the color you write with also.

Basic Math App- You can practice addition, subtraction, multiplication and division facts.

My favorite thing we did on ipod day this week.
We played Charlotte's Web game Pick the Perfect Word as a class using the tablet on Wednesday and wrote down some nouns, verbs and adjectives from our word sort game in our notebook. We used these words and some word sheet idea papers from my madlib book with nouns, verbs and adjectives listed to make our own madlibs with partners.
MadLibs App- Last week we made a madlib as a class. This week we partnered up and made one with our partners. Then we read them to the class. It was a great time laughing together as students read their madlibs to the class.

Here are students making their madlibs with partners.

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