ipod and ipads in the classroom-week 3 (February 10, 2010)

Here are some new apps we used this week.
(because of the 2 hour delay it took us most of our ipod day to work on these 2 apps and we didn't get to try out any others)

My favorite thing we did on ipod day this week.


Bill Atkinson Photo Card Lite App- You can type a letter on a postcard and add stickers.

Comic Touch Lite App- You can create a little comic page with speech bubbles, thinking bubbles, or text boxes.

We have been comparing and contrasting stories of Little Red Riding hood this week. We also wrote lists of describing words for the characters on Wednesday in class. We used the 2 apps above to make the projects seen below. We used the photo card app above to write letters to little red riding hood from grandmother inviting her to come to our house. We also used comic touch lite app to put words on the photos describing the character.

How do I get photos of finished products?

To get the finished product off the ipods since we don't have email addresses for the students yet, I used a screen shot (see photo on right) on the ipod which goes directly into the photos app on the ipod touch.

1. Follow steps one and two on the right you will see a flash of white lite on the screen and you will know you have taken a picture.

2. After your picture is taken you plug the ipod into the computer and it lets you select which photos you want to import to your iphoto on the computer just like when you plug in a camera.

How do kids get photos to use with comic touch lite?

I did spend a little time in the morning getting some pictures of the characters from little red riding hood in the photos on the ipod touch to use for the comic touch lite because of the 2 hour delay. Older kids could easily do this on their own. I did an image search on safari google image search.

Once you find a photo you want:

1. Hold your finger down on the photo until you see a window pop up that says save image.

2. Click on Save Image. This will put your image in your photos on the ipod. Photos automatically come up when student use the Comic Touch Lite App.

Here are some pictures of some of our finished project.

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