ipods and ipads in the classroom-week 5 (February 24, 2011)

Here are some new apps we used this week.

iBlackboard App- we used this app to practice subtraction with regrouping in a small group lesson with the teacher. This is used just like using a whiteboard and markers only less messy. I wrote the problems on the ipad and the students wrote it on their ipods and we worked through them as a small group.

Whiteboard Lite: Collaborative Drawing App- We used the app to draw together with a partner. While you are each on separate ipods the picture of what you are drawing together shows up on both ipods. We illustrated some vocabulary words from our story this week. Here are some samples the students drew to illustrate the words signal, jabbing and agreed. It would definitely be easier to draw with ipads. I did think they did a pretty good job using the tiny ipod space to draw.

My favorite thing we did on ipods this week.

We have been learning about Abe Lincoln and George Washington in class this week since it is President's Day and George Washington's birthday. They chose the president they would like to find facts about and then started researching. The students were allowed to use websites or watch the Brainpop movies about Abe and George to find facts about the presidents. Most students chose to watch movies. We then used the facts the next day to make comics with their facts using the

Comic Touch Lite App

Here are some samples of their final products.

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