A Tribute To Steve Jobs

I was excited to see there is a day to honor Steve Jobs which will be this Friday, October 14, 2011.  http://stevejobsday2011.com/ I will be heading out to purchase a black turtle neck to take my photo and dress in the attire for the special day.  How will you celebrate Steve Jobs day?

A tribute to Steve Jobs because if it were not for him I would not have this blog.  It was hard to believe it when I heard the news of the passing of Steve Jobs.  Although I have never met him personally I am an Apple lover at heart, so this definitely hurts.  I heard the news media compare this to the death of Elvis and John Lennon.  Since neither were in my time period I can't relate, but this will definitely be a moment of history I will not forget.  Thinking how far technology has come at our school as our teacher machines progressed from the old Apple IIe  computers to the beautiful imac's we have now.  The students went from using these dinosaur computers to ipods and ipads all because of a man with a plan.  So I say thank you to Steve and the company of Apple for thinking outside the box to make technology equipment in schools what it is today. What about you?  How has Steve Jobs impacted what technology equipment you use for education at your school? 

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