Fun with 101 Day

You can see my students loved posing like little dalmatians for the picture above.

Our first grade celebrates 100 days of school and does lots of great activities with the students.  In Second Grade we celebrate 101 day.  I got the idea off of another second grade teacher's website years ago and thought it was great. I did this 2 years ago with my students and then again this year.  When the students first come to school they make ears and decorate and old white t-shirt with black spots using a sharpie marker. They also made collars with chocolate and regular cheerios on a string and tape a dog bone with their dog names to each one.

We had some reading rotations for Daily 5 involving 101.  They were to practice writing 101 of their spelling words, for Read to Self they did a fun computer website They read facts about dalmatians and recorded them in their booklet. Then played the 2 dalmatian games on the site. They cut 101 nouns and verbs from magazines.  When a group met with me we read the poem, There's a Dalmatian in my Lunchbox We highlighted rhymes and then used the app type draw to make our own Dalmatian poems.

My favorite thing was the writing of, Things your mom and dad have told you 101 times.  Here are a few the students wrote.

  1. Don't jump on the furniture.
  2. Quit poking me.
  3. Stop hiding the remote from your sister.
  4. Clean your room.
  5. Don't sit on the edge of the couch.
  6. Do your piano.
  7. Don't get the dog wound up.
  8. No to my DS.
  9. Put your clothes away.
  10. Go to bed.
Hope you enjoy your 100 or 101 day at your school!

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