Using ipods to Improve Fluency for Daily 5
 I love this youtube video on using ipods and ipads for improving reading fluency.

This past week I have been having readers struggling with fluency use audio memo that comes on the ipod touches.  They read a page or two in their book and then listen to it.  Then repeat the process 3 times.  It is so neat to listen back to their recordings and hear their fluency getting better each time. I have been conferencing with them and showing them how their recording time is getting slower each time and sounding more like talking.  I asked one little girl if she could hear how much better she sounded each time.  Her eyes lit up when I was praised her for how much better she sounded by the last recording.  I would also like to create some sort of rubric so these students can reflect on their fluency.

What do you do to help your students improve their reading fluency?

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  1. Great idea - simple, but effective. The video you included demonstrates it perfectly! I like the self-reflection piece. I am going to tweet the link back to this blog post! Thanks for sharing!


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