Using Technology with the Daily 5-Work on Writing

We have been using all sorts of technology with the Daily 5 this year.  We have 3 computers in our classroom all the time.  During Daily 5 time we share a laptop cart with some Second and Third grade teachers which adds 5 to 6 more computers to our classroom.  One thing my students have been encouraged to do all year for Work on Writing is write a post to their kidblog.  They are also taught how to post a good comment to another student's blog. They have learned how to make a good comment using the comment poster from Kathleen Morris. Check out Kelly Jordan's website and see how to use blogging for literacy. Here is a good video to watch on youtube to show you how to set up a kidblog.  Here is a link to our classroom kidblog.  If you have not explored kidblog it is an easy to set and safe classroom blog. Here is a good post from

This last week we added Wonderopolis to our work on writing section of  Daily 5 students are encouraged to watch the video and read some things about the Wonder of the Day then write what they learned in their writer's notebook.  One student even asked if they could post what they learned to their kidblog.  Wonderopolis works well for this time of year in Second Grade as my readers are able to read and comprehend better.  Wonderopolis could be used in grades 3rd on up even at the beginning of the year.

Here is a link to our classroom website that explains to the students what they need to do for Work on Writing.

I would love to know some ways you incorporate technology into the Daily 5?

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