Busy Valentine Week

My students had a great time this week with our valentines party.
They love passing out and getting Valentines. It's so much fun watching all the excitement.  I had my students write a little about their favorite valentine or anything else about Valentine's Day they wanted to. Then we used this fun computer website to make it in a heart shape. http://www.festisite.com/text-layout/ They took a screen shot of it and put it on their kidblog with a picture I had taken of them with their favorite valentine card. These are a few samples of what my students wrote.
http://kidblog.org/mrsgoodwinsclass/Riley416/valentines-cards/ http://kidblog.org/mrsgoodwinsclass/Ella208/my-valentine/  http://kidblog.org/mrsgoodwinsclass/Claire135/my-favorite-valentines/

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