Egg, Eggs, Eggs

We have been doing lots of fun things with Eggs in our classroom.  Thought I'd share one of the fun projects. We have participated in the Great Egg Roll 2012 an online project with many other classes Our average class roll was 153 inches. We used our math addition with regrouping skills to add up each student's roll and came up with a class total. It was a lot of work but we did a great job working together to figure this out. Then we used a calculator to divide to get the average. We also had fun making a few egg roll promotion videos using the free VidRythm App.

We divided into groups and made 4 little videos which took about 2 minutes to record and then you hit create video and your video is made.  I think the final videos come out very cool and creative for how little time you spend recording. The students thought of another great idea to use this app for a parent program in May, so we might have to share that video later when we are finished with it.

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