Organizing Your Classroom Library

One of my goals this summer is to continue to organize my classroom library.  I have so many books which is a good problem to have. In order to get kids excited about reading you must have a large variety of books for students to read.  Last year I had the pleasure of attending the Daily 5 conference.  It was incredible to meet the Sisters and learn more about incorporating the Daily 5 in my own classroom.  I will also be attending CAFE this summer and can't wait.  When I was at the Daily 5 conference the Sisters talked about helping kids pick good fit books.  Interest in certain books helps students become excited about reading.  I started thinking about all the books I have in my cupboard that I bring out at certain times of the year when we study certain topics and then put them away when we are done.  These books are mostly non-fiction which is where my normal classroom library falls short in student choice.  My goal is to get these books in students hands all year.
A teacher I work with shared this app with me today.

Classroom Organizer  You can scan in the ISBN number of all your books with your iphone or ipad.  You have your students names in the student section and can check out their books like your school library does right in your classroom with your iphone or ipad.  I'm so excited for this app because I was thinking someone needed to create something to do this years ago and best of all it's FREE! I will be working on scanning, scanning, scanning this summer to get my classroom library up and running on this cool website.  Keeping track of my books this next year will be so much easier and I can make sure my kids are reading every night. I was so excited I had to share this with all of you.  Hope you can find this app as useful as I have. Here are some other apps that can help with classroom organization too.

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