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Having so much fun  reading everyone else's Made it Monday I am linking up again with my 2nd made it Monday this week. I will be heading to the CAFE conference later this week.  Last year it was the Daily 5 and we couldn't get into the CAFE since it was sold out so we booked last year for this summer and I'm so excited to hear the sisters again. I have done the Daily 5 for a year and a half in my classroom and love it.  So much less work than doing all those centers.  I used the CAFE wall last year lots to post strategies. I am hoping to learn more about coaching kids where to be on the wall.  I had to remake my CAFE posters since they were Plain Jane. I also did FACE of a reader and am switching back to just CAFE this year and it will be called the JUNGLE CAFE since my classroom theme is a Jungle/Wild theme. This is a very cool post about using the book Critter Cafe to introduce your CAFE menu. I am going to try that this year.

I haven't had time to laminate and hang my new posters. Our school laminator has been broken. What a time of the year to break. UGH!

My second Made it Monday is using that wonderful duct tape.  They actually had sheets of duct tape at Walmart which I thought was way cool. I had a box I used last year from our Science Series to hold my students Writing Folders. I tried to take the sticker off but it looked really bad. I got a duct tape sheet and the roll of duct tape and covered the entire box.  Now I have a handy cool box to hold the student's writing folders. Wondering what other ideas you all have out there for this wonderful duct tape? You can download a Jungle Themed writer's notebook or writer's folder cover at my Teacher pay Teacher store for free.
Only two more days left to sign up for my $10.00 Teacher pay Teacher gift certificate give away.  Just make sure you follow my site and comment here at this link. Drawing will be on Wednesday of this week.

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  1. I love how duct tape is becoming such a craft staple now. One of my daughter's friends even made his (and his girlfriends) prom outfits from duct tape this year. I love it!

    I nominated you for the Liebster Blog award.
    ✎ Teacher in Training ✎


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