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So I had my first Currently post today and now my first Linky/International Blog Hop post tonight.  I have been reading and getting so many cool ideas from all the link ups. This is so super exciting! I have been teaching for 16 years. I have been half blogging for about a year now. I have been a faithful follower of many blogs this past school year. My goal is to gain more followers and become a steady blogger who shares lots of ideas of what we do in our 2nd grade classroom. I have taught Title One First- Third Grade-5 years, Reading Recovery- 3 years, First Grade- 2 years. and have been in Second Grade the past 6 years. The best investment and most used item  I have  in my classroom is this Learning Resources Pocket Chart. http://www.shopping.com/learning-resources-learning-resources-organization-station-ler2255/info This picture above is from online but this is what mine looks like in the classroom.  Each time we work on a paper the students turn it into the pocket chart.  I can see at a glance who does not have their work done.  I can also collect the papers and check for no name papers as I am pulling them out of the pocket chart.  It is really nice if you are recording grades because the papers are in order for the grade book. This has saved me hours of time in the classroom.  I have talked 5 other 2nd and 3rd grade teachers into getting this pocket chart for paper turn in organization and they all agree that it has saved them hours of time too.  I actually didn't even purchase mine but got it free from a highlights promotion. It would definitely be worth purchasing if anything ever happens to the one I have. Hope this idea can help with your paper turn in organization in your classroom!

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  1. Yep, I really like this idea! I too have been struggling with my one basket that is always packed to the brim with papers. I really really like this idea a lot. Thank you thank you thank you for sharing it :) Definitely pinning this to my board!

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