Favorite Picture Book Read Alouds

Night Noises by Mem Fox (I love all Mem Fox's books)is a great book to use for teaching Onomatopoeia. It's about a sweet little old lady that sleeps through everyone getting ready for a surprise birthday party for her. It's full of all kind of great noises. It is also good for predicting trying to gets students to figure out what everyone is doing while the little old lady sleeps. I also found this cute video from You Tube where Tigger uses the word Onomatopoeia.

Chocolatina by Erik Kraft is a fun book about a girl that loves everything Chocolate and she actually turns into chocolate.  Good comparison book with Chocolate Fever.  I always like to read this when I read the students Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.

Full Belly Bowl by Jim Aylesworth is another great book. It is about a man who saves a wee small man from a fox.  The wee man gives him a magical bowl that will make lots of whatever item goes into the bowl.  The wee man says the old man should never go hungry because he could put food in the bowl and always have more.  The old man gets greedy and end up losing the bowl in the end.

My Dog is as Smelly as Dirty Socks is a great book to use with similes.  It compares everyone in the family to some really cool objects that are used in each picture.  The pictures are just as cool as the book.  This next year I am going to have my kids use this app Facesimake Lite to make some faces and write their own similes.
 Here's a couple of faces I made with the app. The ideas would be endless.

 And my last Skippyjon Jones give away Coffee Ground Fossils. I think they would go great with this book or any other dinosaur/ fossil study.  My kids love making them. We use actual dinosaur skeletons which I got from Oriental Trading Company to make the prints in the dough. Sorry I don't have any pictures of the dried fossils. I will have to remember to take some next year.

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