Getting in School Mode

Only 17 more days left til' I head back to school for my first day of school.  Next week I will be in my class to get down to business mode. We are lucky enough to have permission to get our MClass State testing done before school starts so we can dedicate those first weeks to establishing a good class routine and get started teaching right away. This year after attending the CAFE conference I made up an observation sheet I am going to use while I am testing to help me know where I should start working with my students once school starts. Click here or on the sheet on the side to download a copy from Google Docs. I always write notes on my students during testing, but never really associated it with where they are on the menu.  This way I can think about where they are as I am taking my assessment notes. In the CAFE book it also suggests lessons to use if the students are struggling in these areas.    

The picture above is what our CAFE board looked like at the end of the year.  Lots of Comprehension strategies covered. The Daily 5 little posters were used after we made chart papers together and were very good at our Stamina. My room is really small to hang chart papers so we put up little posters after awhile.  I also made a fun cover to put on our Reading Response notebook for Guided Reading. Click here to download a copy of my Reading Thoughts Notebook Cover.

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  1. Thank you for sharing these files!! The checklist will be very helpful.


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