Jumping on the Bed

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Have you ever jumped on your bed?  Not lately, when you were a kid.  I remember jumping on my bed with my sisters and my friends.  Of course I was not allowed to jump on the bed, but somehow I still managed to do it. I also remember jumping on the couch.  Did you ever play that game "Don't touch the Floor"?  We used to play that all around our living room.  There always seemed to be a little couch jumping involved in the game.  I am hoping to model a little writing with my students about these fun times as a kid. Skippyjon Jones always loved to jump on his kitty bed.  I have made a template to brainstorm ideas.  This will work with any Skippyjon Jones' book since he jumps on the bed in all stories.  I will have a free Skippyjon Jones writing idea template each day until I reveal the Book Scavenger Hunt.  If you want a chance to win some Skippyjon Jones ears click the ears to see blog post of how to enter. Check back Monday as I will be linking up to show some things from my Jungle Themed Classroom.

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