Lots of Give Aways

I wanted to get a made it Monday posted today, but what a busy day it has been.  Lots of driving kid here and there and many errands to do.  Not enough time to get a made it Monday done, let alone posted.  Well it's off to find some great give aways. I really could use this iTunes card. Always have a wishlist of apps to buy. Check out Math is Elementary to sign up. Finally in First is having a Mega give away for 2,000 followers.  Check out these great give aways.

Also sign up for the Elementary Adventure $25.00 Teachers pay Teacher gift certificate. Think of the things you can buy with that.

Well I didn't get my birthday bags finished for Made it Monday but did get the cover made for the bags. You can download your own on my Teachers pay Teachers store for free. There are 2 cards on one page.

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