My First Made it Monday- Classroom Discipline Stoplight Makeover

Old Stoplight

This summer is a summer of firsts for my blogging.  I am now excited to link up for my first Made It Monday.  This is really a make over of what I have been using in the past.  It's about time since it's 16 years old.  Well the concept is all the same, just a new look.  I know many of you use the behavior sheet that kids move clips up and down but I have used the stoplight for 10 years in the classroom and it works quite nicely.  Actually I think I might get kind of overwhelmed trying to have kids move clips up and down all day.  This is part of my behavior plan and it is more for discipline than reward. So click here to get a free Color Version in my TPT store or here for Black and White Version which you can copy on colored paper. It also includes a monthly chart I have students color in each day to show behavior.  If they are on green all week they get a Friday Treat. (a piece of candy from my Treasure Chest) There is also a copy of the behavior note which I copy on red paper and quickly fill in if a child needs a note home for the day.

New Stoplight
My remake is not quite finished because the laminator is broken today! :( So here is my new cute stoplight to go along with my jungle themed classroom. The lion is important because I want kids to show their courage.  Get it? Lion from the wizard of Oz got Courage. Last year I gave kids this concept of showing your courage and it really stuck with the kids. Check it out on The Schroeder Page.  Courage is doing what's right when others are doing what's wrong.  I even tell my students doing the right thing when no one is looking. I am going to tie in this poster I have hanging in the classroom with it this year and move it by my discipline chart.

I am going to add 2 levels to the yellow section this year.  Kids can be on the monkeys or the words.  On the monkey they lose 5 minutes of recess on the words 10 minutes. The picture with the clips on gives you an idea of what the stoplight looks like with 20 clips.  I usually have 20-25 students. 

My students also can earn classroom celebrations for good behavior, reaching classroom goals and behavior in Special Classes.  These are called our Croc Rocks.  They are just 2 bottle filled with rocks and we have a croc that sits beside it (really it is an alligator but thought it was so cool).


  1. I love the safari theme you have going on with all the wild animals. That's what I am going for this year. You actually inspired one of my Monday Made It's this week with your awesome pocket chart that students turn their work into! I am excited to try it out this year and am hoping it will be helpful! :)

    Reaching for the TOP!

    1. I hope you have as much success with the behavior plan as I have. I will be posting more photos and ideas from my classroom soon. I have had the jungle/wild theme for 3 years now and just tweak and add to it and love it!

  2. Love your behavior ideas:)) So cute! Thanks for sharing and for linking up:)

    4th Grade Frolics

  3. OMG...I LOVE THIS!!! I am on the exact some page as you as far as moving clips up and down. I actually tried it one year and it was a complete disaster for me. I just never remembered to move their clips up and when I did it was always the same good kids over and over. I did once and learned quickly it wasn't for me. I do something very similar to your stop light...with room for just one more bad choice. Would it be possible for me to get a copy of your print-outs for this?

    Teaching with Z


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