Skippyjon Jones Scavenger Hunt Cards

Me and My Cat "If You"

I am so excited to be launching my first paid item on Teachers pay Teachers. I have been putting lots of free items on lately and hopefully you will take a look and download what is helpful to you.  I fell in love with Skippyjon Jones last year when I read my students the book Skippyjon Jones Lost in Spice during our Space Study Unit.  The kids absolutely loved the story.  I think I am drawn to many things about the books. One being I had a Siamese cat growing up named If-You.  I know what a weird name.  I always have loved the Disney song, "We are Siamese if You Please"  The other thing that draws me to the books is the Spanish words. After graduating with my teaching degree I worked at a Migrant Head Start for a couple of summers. I loved working with those Spanish speaking students.  I would speak Spanish just a little with lots of English mixed in because the goal was to help the students to learn English. These books bring back lots of memories of those days.

Set of 15 note cards

Skippyjon Jones and the Big Bones, Skippyjon Jones Lost in Spice, Skippyjon Jones, Skippyjon Jones In the Doghouse, and Skippyjon Jones Class Action.  There are 6 questions for each book.  I had purchased a set of the note cards so I glued my questions in the note cards that go with the book.

To do the scavenger book hunt I will divide the kids into 5 groups. I will have the 5 books stationed around the classroom and  3 note cards with 6 questions sitting by the Skippyjon book. I will rotate the kids through all the books and then we will share the answers when they are done. They will look for the answers as a group and write them down. Teachers could also use the questions as a center with the book and just have the kids answer the questions on their own. This would work especially well for grades 3, 4, and 5.


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