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It's hard to believe it since July 5th. I had my first currently, learned what a linky party is and joined several of them, learned how to take off the robot thingy required for commenting, learned how to add my little linky thing to my comments, learned how to make a button, a blog header, added my first paid items to my Teachers Pay Teachers store, sold my first item, gained 66 more followers, and found so many more cool blogs to follow.  That's a lotta learning in 19 days. Last but not least I will draw tomorrow for a $10.00 teacher pay teacher gift certificate and 2 other prizes so be sure to sign up. Click on the LINK and make a comment.  Be sure you are a follower too. There are only 5 people entered so far so odds would be good to win.

Linking up with Amy Lemons at Step into Second Grade.
So a little about me. I have to include lots of pictures because that is the favorite part of reading everyone's Tell Me Mores.


1.  I am a photo addict.  Love taking photos of everything. Last summer finally got a "real" camera and love to experiment with it.  This is a reflection in one of those garden balls at my mother and father in laws house.

2. I was married on the 4th of July. 20 years ago. Yes, my husband and I just celebrated our 20th wedding anniversary this summer.  You'll have to excuse my wedding picture which is a little fuzzy since it was in the days before digital photos.  I included a flag photo I took this year trying out some of my camera's cool effects.

3. My husband and I love to scuba dive together and take under water pictures. I wish I had a better underwater camera, but it doesn't do to bad for a cheaper camera. We don't get to dive in warm water often since we live in Indiana, but it's awesome to go on dive trips.  We went to Mexico for our 15th anniversary and I took the picture of the sea turtle. Can't wait to dive with turtles again someday.

4. I love making creative snowmen in the winter.  Every year I help my kids make some different snowmen and we dress them up with junk and outdoor sticks and weeds to make them look cool. My son even made a little snowdog with a cattail for the tail. I think last year might have been the first year we didn't have enough snow to make some.

5. I have a 3 year old Yorkie Jack named Tipper and a Chocolate Lab named Billy who is 13 years old and getting lots of gray. He has been the best dog.

6. I have 2 beautiful children who are growing up way to fast. 

 7. I love any kind of candy and sweets, especially anything chocolate. Mini recess cups are the best. I love any thing with peanut butter and caramel filling.  I also love chocolate covered raisins.

8. I love all those new frozen yogurt places like Orange Leaf. I love the fruity flavors topped with lots of fruit. We were introduced to it by my sister when we were on vacation in Arizona last summer visiting her family. Wish we had one close to us here in Indiana.

9.  I drink water most all the time and occasionally a sweet tea.

10. I love going geocaching but haven't went in a long time.  If you have never tried it you need to check out  I learned about it at a Women in the Outdoors event and was immediately hooked. If you like a little treasure hunting you will love it. My son is the best at finding the caches.  My husband even likes it when he has the chance to go with us.

11.  Love everything apple, especially my iphone.  Would never buy anything but Mac for a computer.  Don't have an ipad yet but would love to get one soon. Always finding new apps to try. (gotta love those itunes cards)

Well hope you enjoyed learning a little about me!  I sure enjoy reading all those others who have linked up!:)


  1. I love your blog!! I just gave you an award! Hop on over and to grab it!!!

    Mrs. Hodge and Her Kindergarten Kids

  2. You are amazing with a camera! I love the first one with the garden ball...very cool. It was fun to learn more about you. :)

    The Teaching Thief


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