Treasures Reading Series and Reading Comprehension Trifolds

So how many of you use the Treasures Reading Series?  We are coming on our last year before adoption of a new reading series so we pretty much know this one by heart.  I am thinking we might not be adopting a new series because our school would like to look for more digital curriculum as we continue to use what we already have.

There are many free Treasures materials I use out there made by teachers to go with the Treasures series. Of course I don't always use the Basal.  I like to supplement lots of other things, but our school still likes us to use it.
If you haven't found Mrs. Winston's Trifolds they are awesome.  She has one for every story in the basal and also lots of other books too.  (Magic Tree House, Cam Jansen books, Jigsaw Jones, etc.) Be sure to download and try them out. They are great for Reading Comprehension strategies.

 Mrs. Shaw's website has vocabulary power points made for every story.

And Treasures for Teachers has nice vocabulary match up with definition cards.

And my favorite Mrs. Ziruolo's Jeopardy Games.  They review all the skills for the week from the story.  My students love playing this game as a weekly review.

These are all for the Second Grade Stories and hope all you Second Grade Teachers who have the Treasures series find these as helpful as I have.


  1. I love the reading trifolds, we don't use Treasures, but I use them anyway. My students love using them for reading response.

    Brigid asked me to contact you because I won your Math Madness unit. You can email it to me at Thanks so much for donating to her giveaway, I look forward to using your unit!

    1. Having a very busy day today and will try to get it out to you tomorrow!:) Congrats on being the winner.

  2. Hello, I have tried to find Mrs. Winston's Trifolds and can't seem to find them the link you have goes to a business page. Is there any other way I can get the trifolds. I have a couple of them but never downloaded all of them. Please help!!


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