What's in Your Closet?

Check out my new freebie for today.  This can be used with any Skippyjon Jones book because Skippyjon always goes on an adventure in his closet. This is a 3 page template.  You need to print the What's in Your Closet? template from the TPT store. There is a drawing page to draw your closet or bedroom. There is a door cut out and glue on page.  There is also a lines sheet to write your own adventure. The door page can be copied on color paper or just on white.  Have students draw what their closet looks like inside. Next have students decorate the door. Put glue on the edge of the inside page and then attach the door so that it can open. The door page section of the paper can also can be cut off and used to decorate a bulletin board which is what I think I will do with my students next school year.  I will also have students write a closet adventure on the 3rd page to hang with the door page.  Follow my blog to get a few more Skippyjon freebies which I will post for the next few days.

Also Check out the Yippy Skippy and Jumping on the Bed posts to get some more Skippyjon Jones freebies.

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