A Back to School Game Freebie for a Made it Monday

My first Teacher Day was today and tomorrow will be the first day with students. Yes, my summer vacation is officially over. I am super excited to make some fun math games for my students this year. I have been working hard and only finished three so far. I have a Pirate Game board, a Monster game board, and A Back to School game board. I have a long way to go on my unit of games but thought I would share a freebie of my Back to School Math dice game that I am going to do with my students this week. I have been trying it out with my own kids at home who are middle school and high school age and they helped me tweak it to make it better.  If you try it let me know if you have any suggestions. It can be a 2-4 player game.  All you need is 2 dice and 10 counters for each person so they can mark their game board and keep track of rounds they win.  It is probably best for grades 1-3.  Enjoy the game and best wishes to everyone for an Incredible School Year to all my Blog followers!


  1. I love your game! I am your newest follower--I would love to have you come and visit my blog--I am giving away a laminator!



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