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I'm hooking up with blog hoppin' to celebrate teacher week.  With 2 weeks of school under my belt this year we are settling into a routine.  I am excited to work with such a great bunch of kiddos this year.

Must have Monday-  I would say right now in my classroom dice are a must have. We have been using them for lots of math games here at the beginning of the school year.  It really makes our math time fun and more engaging than doing worksheets all the time.

Technology Tip Tuesday-
I started my Daily 5 Stamina the past 2 weeks in class.  We have been learning how to do Read to Self, Read to Someone, Word Work, and Listening to Reading. Work on Writing is to come a little later once they have learned the how to write procedures. My students love this website Word Safari to practice word work.  It only takes 7 words so I tell my students to practice the 7 words that give them the most trouble since we have 10 words.
You click your words, then you get a screen to type them in like this and you click use these words.  The game has letters on the screen they have to catch to spell the words. It is more like a video game format so students really think it is great.

Where I teach Wednesday- I teach in a small town community in Berne, Indiana at South Adams Elementary School. I grew up here as a student and it's fun being able to teach here as an adult. We are named after Bern, Switzerland and we now have a clock tower in the center of town that is modeled after the real one in Switzerland.

Therapeutic Thursday- Well Chocolate is the best therapy for stress for me, but not always great on the weight.  I love photography and technology and using them to be creative helps relax me too.

Freebie Friday-We have been studying Character and Setting this past week in class so I made a little mini poster to use with my students next week as we will review and then study B, M, E of a story. Hopefully I will have time to add and make more posters throughout the year.

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  1. I will have to get on Word Safari. I have not heard of that before. Thanks for the info.

    Mrs. Flickinger's Butterfly Oasis


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