Week One Down! & Common Core standards list freebie

My first week of Second is done and I am so excited about my classroom this year.  I am realizing how hard it will be to blog during the week.  I am hoping to do better as the year progresses but those back to school weeks can be CRAZY loco. (as Skippyjon Jones would say) We really had a great first week. We did some getting to know you games. Lots of Skippyjon Jones books and some WOW Science, which was the kids favorite.  The Skippyjon masks were a huge success as the students loved getting pictures taken with them.  They came up with some very creative posses. We will be making stories to go with them and displaying them on our bulletin board in the hall.  You can download a pattern for the mask here for free.  I cut the patterns out on old file folders then let the student trace and cut their own masks on black.  They really did great cutting and I only had to help a few students cut out the eye holes. We started the daily 5 Read to Self and our stamina is up to 10 minutes which is great.  We worked on our ipick video song which I have to finish putting together and hope to share with you all sometime next week.

I love the common core standards app I have on my iphone. There is a website that you can get more information about the common core and download the app: http://www.masteryconnect.com/

I use the app for quick reference when I need to look up a standard. It has all the grades which is nice to look at the grades above and below the one you teach. I also like to have everything on a page so I can quick look at it for lesson planning.  I put each category of the common core standards for Second Grade on a page so I can laminate and hole punch them and have them for quick reference for planning. I color coded them as the same colors in the app so I can keep straight in my mind the sections for each of the standards. I put the kids friendly words below each standard in color, so it would help me remember what I am wanting the students to learn as I teach certain standards. You can download them for free from my Teachers pay Teachers store by clicking here.   I have only done it for Language Arts because that is our focus this year at our school. They also have the math on the app too.

I have enjoyed reading about everyone going back to school and getting classrooms ready.  Seems much easier to read the blogs than actually blog myself. At least I can keep up with something!!


  1. OMG-those Skippyjon Jones masks are soooo cute! What a fun way to start the year!


  2. What a cute idea with Skippyjon Jones! Best of luck to you :)


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