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A Writing Idea
This week I used lots of blog ideas this week. Just a Primary Girl had a great free "What is a hero" response page.  Thanks God It's First Grade had a great freebie titled "I'm Proud to Be An American."

A Social Studies Idea for 911
These ideas were great to use after watching the video which was recommended by Learning in the Little Apple below we had a great discussion and then students had a writing response using their choice of sheet.

The Tin Forest from WVPT on Vimeo.

A Math Idea

I got an old ides from Mrs. McCumbees Class Blog to use with missing addends.  A game called Salute.

Rules for the Game:
In this game, students work in groups of three. Each group has a deck of playing cards (remove all cards that are not numbers). Then the dealer places the stack of cards on the floor and gives the other players one card each. The players must not look at their own card because their card will be the missing addend. When the dealer says "salute", the two players pick up their cards and place them on their forehead with the number facing out. Then the dealer says the total of the two cards. Each player must look at the others person's number to figure out what card they have.

We are excited to see if our caterpillar will become a chrysalis next week.  He is growing very fast.

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  1. I have never used Comic Book before. It looks like a great resource!
    Thanks for sharing!

    One Class, One Sound


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