Monarch Butterfly Fun and a Symbolic Migration Idea

We have been having all kinds of fun learning about Monarch butterflies and migration in our classroom. We enjoyed a fun Monarch Butterfly Fact Find to kick off our unit.  It has 12 butterfly fact cards with facts and pictures that I took of real butterflies and caterpillars from years past in our classroom. You hang the cards all over the classroom in random order and then the students have to find, read and answer the questions on their answer sheet. You can pick it up here at my teacher pay teacher store for $1.50.

We now have one caterpillar in a chrysalis and one still pretty tiny one. It was so cool we came one morning to class and our little tiny caterpillar had chewed a circle completely around itself.  I have never seen anything like it.

If you have not heard about the Journey North Symbolic Migration it is pretty awesome. You send paper butterflies to Mexico and then they send some butterflies back to you in the spring so it symbolizes the real migration. Our classroom has participated in this the past three years and it is always a very fun project.  It is free and you can sign up on their website and get all the details there. The butterflies need to be post marked by October 12, 2012 so hurry over and sign up to participate.

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  1. We do this activity each year also. We don't have much milkweed here because of the drought but I did find a type of milkweed that does not need swampy areas. We have 1 very small caterpillar and two eggs are on our plant. The students are so excited. They got to see the little thing today. All they could say was "He is so small". They will be amazed at how quickly he will grow. Thanks for the card activity. I am putting it into my cart and buying all my cart items soon. Good luck with your Monarchs.

    Mrs. Flickinger's Butterfly Oasis


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