The World According to a Furry Little Friend- a hamster freebie

If you haven't read the World According to Humphrey it's a great story.  My Second Grade students were glued to their seats/floor listening everyday during Read Aloud time.  Well, we finished the book and it's time to make some furry little guys of our own and write our own Humphrey adventure.  If you have read the book and haven't checked out Betty Birney's website you're missing out. There are some fun activities to download and one I will use in my little packet of free hamster writing activities. Even if you don't read the book who can resist a cute adorable little hamster story?

Also check out my post with a link to other Humphrey ideas.

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  1. Thanks for visiting my blog and letting me know about this cute activity! My students begged me to find the second Humphrey book to read! I think they will love to create their own story and hamster!

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