Trying the 1:1, free app ideas

Our school just went 1:1 with high school and we are looking into it with K-5 in the next 2 years. We are trying to decide between laptops and ipods or ipads. I get to try 18 ipods and 3 ipads for the month of September so I will be posting what we do with them in our classroom for those interested. The downside is our ipod/ipads are the older ones without cameras and we can only use free apps, but I am hoping we can still do some great things.  While searching this weekend I found they now have a Spelling City app. It is free and you can play all the free games.  I am so excited because I already have all our spelling words on it and this will be great for Word Work for the Daily 5.

There is also a free Brain pop Jr. App.  Our school pays for a subscription to this and the kids love it. They will be so excited to watch on their own device. The nice thing about the free app is even if your school doesn't have a subscription you can still watch a free movie of the week and do the activities too. 

Another free app I found was Brain Quest. I used to use the long flip card brain quests with my classes years ago, anyone remember those. This is a neat app because you get free questions in grades K-5 that kids can read and answer in lots of different categories.  It would be a great app to use for reading practice as a way to learn new things.  If you are lucky enough to have money for paid apps you can unlock a ton of other questions for each grade.

For all you 1:1 schools out there would love to know some more free apps you suggest.

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  1. Thanks for sharing the apps. I'm going to check out the spelling city and brain quest ones. I have the brain pop one already!

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