Comic Touch Lite App Idea using Main Ideas and Details

Template and Rubric for Comic Touch Lite App
I have to admit I was sure I would have more time to blog than this when school started but it has been crazy busy my way.  Both my own kids are in Cross Country and meets every weekend so hard to keep up with home and school.  My son got in the top 14 in his ACAC tournament which was awesome! My daughter's team is still competing so Saturdays will be busy for a little while longer.

I have so many ideas I want to share.  We have worked on Main Ideas and Details in reading and did a fun little project using Comic Touch Lite a very cool little free app.  We researched some Monarch Butterfly or caterpillar facts using this website
Then we wrote the facts on the template. Then students did a google search to find a Monarch or caterpillar picture.
  The projects turned out very cool. The student were very creative and did an awesome job. Click here to download the writing template and rubric FREE from my Teachers Pay Teachers store. The template can be used with any research project.


  1. I love this idea. We have this app on our ipods and it would be perfect for a number of activities. However, when I click on to the free template and rubric it brings me to TPT free downloading of a Monsters Writing Freebie. I'd love to have copies of these two documents if you are willing.

    1. So glad you like this idea. Try it again now for the free template. The link was in active and I activated it again.


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