Creating ART like Eric Carle

 We read the story The Tiny Seed in our Basal Reader.  For many years I have done a fun Art Project with the students that they love. We first watch some little slide shows on Eric Carle's website in the Photo and Video Gallery.  called How I paint my tissue papers and How I create my pictures.  Eric Carle mixes paint with water and then paints tissue paper.  I use acrylic paint mixed with water and fold 2 pieces of tissue paper together dull side up for students on a table to paint. (I get these in a pack of white tissue paper from the dollar store or Walmart.)The kids then paint it with one solid color. Then they use a contrasting color to paint little dots, or strips or some design on the color.  Next we dab a little artist sponge on the paper to give it texture. The papers turn out like above.  We cut the paper into two pieces and let everyone pick out some paper.  I also have scraps from years past for them to pick through. Then the students look through many Eric Carle books to get an idea of what they want to make. They draw it on plain white paper then cut it out and trace it onto the back of the color they want.  My favorite pictures this year are below. I LOVE THE IPHONE with the Speakers!!  Happy Painting and hope you can create some cool ERIC CARLE artwork.


  1. I just boo-ed you
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  2. I'm with you - the iphone and speakers is fabulous.

    rubberboots and elf shoes


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