I survived the Titanic and Spooky Eyes Craft freebie

Our school does some fun Reading At Home or RAH RAH celebrations.  Our students have to read 15 minutes 5 out of the 7 days a week at home and then bring slips signed by parents with the amount of time they read during the week. Three times a year we have a fun celebration to reward all those who complete the goal.  The BLOW UP celebration on Friday included a small obstacle blow up course, a giant Titanic blow up slide and a bouncy house blow up. Each grade had 45 minutes to play on these fun things.  Of course the kids were so excited when the teachers took a turn and raced each other. You can hear them cheering and I got some high fives when I was done.

We also made these fun Spooky Eyes Crafts this week. The students picked their choice of what to make. Later in the week we wrote some poetry to go with the characters we created. Click here to get the free patterns from my Teachers pay Teachers store. The students loved making them and were so excited to have a Spooky Tree in our classroom.

Here are a few of my favorite poems made by my Second Graders;

What is it? by Gaving
furry, deep voice,
one eye, slimy,
drool, ooze,
spikey tail,
What is it? A monster.
A monster?

Bats by Joseph
Fly at night.
Eat bugs.
Sleep in the day.
Big eared bats.

Cats by Martha
Cats are hunting, cats eat rats.
Cats can play, cats can scratch.
Cats can run. I like cats.
Owl by Aly
An owl flies through the night.
It lands on a tree branch.
It looks at me.

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