It's Fall Break and I'm Getting a Little Patriotic

Well there is so much to blog about. I am on FALL BREAK and Parent Teachers conferences are over! YAHOO what a good feeling it is. I actually have time for blogging this week and some family time too. Yesterday I took my teenage kiddos to see Frankenweenie. CUTE MOVIE for those of you who haven't seen it yet. We also went to ORANGE LEAF, my absolute favorite yogurt place. I fell in love with it 2 summers ago while visiting my sister in ARIZONA.  Funny thing is the one near her closed and now we have one open near us! (Well, an hour away but still closer than before.)

 I am linking up with Second Grade Math Mania to share my favorite clip art. I really love DJ inkers and that's really the only clip art I have. I was so glad to find out earlier this school year she started selling a license so I can use her clip art on my free and paid TPT items.  I am so anxious to read about all the other clip art shared in this linky party. I actually found some cute clip art on TPT the other day by one of my favorite font makers.  I also love Hello Literacy's free fonts and she has some nice borders too.

Another thing I have accomplished this fall break is learning how to make my own borders.  I have always loved art and consider myself a little creative so I decided to go out on a limb and start making some of my own borders and maybe I will try some clip art too.  I bought this program called Artboard for my Mac computer and it is pretty easy to use.  I am still sure I can do so much more with it than I have figured out in the 24 hours of owning it.

 I came up with the name I NEETA good clip for my borders with a little help from my daughter. You see my name is Anita Goodwin (My nicknames have been NEETA, and NEENER which my little sister calls me) and of course I get teased a lot about needing a good one, get it. So I thought what better name for my Borders than I NEETA good clip!  I spelled it with the 2 ee's to make sure people pronounced it the right way.

In honor of the upcoming election and Veteran's Day I made my first set of FREE borders! I am very excited to offer you this mini set for from my Teacher's pay Teachers store 

I also made my first paid set too called Fun and Simple. It comes with 21 different black and white borders and 8 colored 4X6 toppers in a variety of colors shown. All borders and toppers are transparent so you can use them with all your favorite colored backgrounds. All for just $3.00. 

I am having lots of fun making the borders and will definitely be making lots more.  Would love your feedback and spread the word if you like them.

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