Monster Book Ideas and Free Writing Activity

I love these 2 books and read them to my kids every year in October. No Such Thing is about a little boy who is scared of monsters and when he meets the monster under his bed he finds out that the monster is scared of boys too. Their mother tell each of them there is no such thing as the other so in the end monster goes on top of the bed and boy goes underneath the bed and they call their mothers. Such a cute story!  I Need My Monster is about a boy whose monster takes a vacation and he doesn't know how he will get to sleep without his monster under his bed. There are other monsters who want to fill in but none really are as good as his own monster.  We are going to do a little Monster writing after I read these 2 stories.  Check out my free mini monster writing dice activity and templates on my Teacher pay Teachers Store

I also bought this cute monster sticker pack with 24 stickers from the Teacher Store a few weeks ago and need an idea of what to do with it.  Anyone have any creative ideas?

I also made some fun fall math games to cover place value and adding 3 numbers.  Pirates Practice, Candy Collection, Which Witch?, Collect a Monster, Place Value Poison, and Cat or Bat. They are great for class small groups, centers or math station. There are 6 different games that take no work to make anything just print and play. You just need a deck of cards, dice, and counters to cover your board to play. I print the game boards and put them in plastic sleeves for storage. My Second Graders absolutely loved them.  Check them out on my Teachers Pay Teachers store. 


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  2. I love these cute games! I found your blog through Sunny Days!


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