Morning Work Ideas using Weird but True Facts

I fell in love with the facts from National Geographic Kids magazine. I have all 4 Weird but True Facts.  The students love reading the fun facts.  They work great for showing kids  Author's Purpose to Inform.  The Weird but true app is FREE for a limited time for all those of you who have ipads in your classroom. Of course I have the app too and it is great for READ to SELF in Daily 5 time.  Boys just love these true facts.  We display a fact a day and fill out a sheet for morning work to review some reading, math, and grammar skills.  You can get these morning work sheets free at my Teachers Pay Teachers store.

Also check out my Math Thinking Cards on my Teachers pay Teachers Store


  1. What a good idea! I love weird facts myself :).


  2. This looks very interesting. Could you explain a little more how you use it? I don't understand the number, number word, number sentence, as well as what to do in other parts as well. I think my kids would enjoy this, I just can't seem to understand it all. Thanks!

  3. I would love a little more information as well. I think my kids would love this, but I don't understand what does in each box. Also, is one sheet for the entire week? Do you choose facts that have a common theme over the week? Thanks!


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