Skippyjon Jones Halloween Giveaway and Christmas?

Well it's a little early for me to be thinking about Christmas. I'm all about COSTUMES, MONSTERS and SPOOKY right now in my classroom. ...But I do remember reading all the fun classroom ideas on blogs last year the you can do with Elf on the Shelf. Now you can sign up to get ideas and a free Elf on the Shelf for the first 5,000 that sign up on the North Pole Playground.
I am all about Freebies so of course I signed up.  Thanks to Vicky at Keep Calm and Imagine for telling about this in her blog. 

Okay all about Halloween Crayons and Curls is giving away the cutest pumpkin head Skippyjon shirt and I really, REALLY, really Really... want to win it.  We read all the Skippyjon books this fall at the start of school and my students are completely in love. So head on over to Crayons and Curls to sign up if you are a Skippyfan too.

Also be sure to check out lots of my Skippy Freebies
on my Teachers pay Teachers store.
A favorite is What's in Your Closet? Writing Activity.

Be sure to check out this cute Freebie from Mary Lirette  I know an Old Lady Who Swallowed a PIE math activity to go with the book.  I'm excited to use this during math time!

If you need some more math games I have recently uploaded some math addition and place value games to Teachers Pay Teachers.  They are print and play no prep games.  You just need dice, a deck of cards, and counters.  They are on sale for $3.00 this week only. 


  1. Your Halloween games look kee-ute! I love DJ inkers, too. Just a heads up. They contacted me and reminded me that I had to have their copyright info in ech description on TPT and also at the bottom of each page. I wouldn't want you to get into trouble fo not following their rules. You can copy an paste it from one of my descriptions if you'd like.

  2. Just signed up for the Elf on the Shelf!!!!! So excited. Thanks for sharing.

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