NEW Winter Review "Apptivities" and a sale

I'm having a New Year's Eve & into the New Year's Day sale of 20 percent off on my TPT store.

 Wishing all of you a wonderful Happy New Year!

I finished my Winter "Apptivities" just in time for my sale. You can get 10 different Winter Review "App"tivities for Reading and Math skills especially made for Second Grade Students, but would be great for better First Graders, and Third Graders too.
The fun begins when the students have their own paper IPAD and each time they complete and apptivity they cut out a colored app icon and glue it in the spot that goes with the apptivity, so they have a full IPAD when they are done. The themes are for Winter; snowmen, mittens, polar animals, snowbirds, snowflakes, football (for the Super Bowl), New Year's and Valentine's.

All Apptivities involve something besides just paper and pencil to make it a little fun.  You need dice, paper clips, crayons, scissors, glue, flat circle color counters, and a pencil too!

Not a lot of teacher prep is needed for the Apptivities because I don't like to have lots extra to do. There is one game in the set that you need to print, cut, and laminate cards for the Apptivitiy

skills covered
-double digit addition and subtraction with and without regrouping 
-addition and subtraction fact families of harder math facts 5-9 -multiplication fact practice of facts 5-9
-synonyms practice using a mini thesaurus
-writing a snowman story using mini thesaurus 

-antonym practice with sentence writing
-prefix and suffixes make words and write sentences 

-reading and following directions
-Polar animal facts and mini research
-money (dimes, nickels, pennies) thinking problems
- tens and ones, number words
-dimes, nickels, and pennies story problems

 Head on over to shop cause lots of teachers are having sales now! All items will be on sale through Thursday, January 3rd.  Happy New Year and Happy Shopping!

Looking for more skills to include in my Spring Packet for March and April if this is something teachers are interested in having.  Let me know if you have some skills that you need fun activities to practice in your classroom.

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