Nutcracker Idea for Story Summarizing

Our Second Grade has been buzzing with excitement of the holidays. We were lucky to take a field trip to the Nutcracker Ballet last Friday. You can see everyone in their fancy outfits, even boys with ties as we encouraged them to dress in their best clothes. The field trip only lasts 1/2 the day since we only see the second act of the Nutcracker. When we returned to school we spent the rest of the day watching the Nutcracker Prince movie on You Tube while enjoying a little dessert party (Little Debbies cut into bite sizes so we have many different samples to try.)

Our Music teacher does an excellent job of teaching them all about the music and the story, but we also take time to read and do some activities in the classroom.

We had fun making a toilet paper roll nutcrackers and reading some Nutcracker stories. I loved watching this...

Nutcracker Musical Story book App with my students. I played it under the document camera so it is on the big screen for the classroom.  It has the Nutcracker Story you can read to the class while actions are happening on the screen to the tunes of the classic Nutcracker Music.  The students really enjoyed it.  We stopped periodically to fill out the Summarizing a Story (click to get it free from Google Docs) while we watched.

We made Nutcracker Photo Booth Props which you can download from my TPT store. We took our pictures with these using photo booth on the mac. I saved them to my photos on my iphone using the dropbox app. We then used them in the app ifunface to make the videos below. This is a paid app for 99¢.

Then we had fun creating Silly (Voice) Summaries with the app iFunFace It has some cool new updates that you can animate up to 4 characters on one screen.  I'm downloading the update right at this moment. There is a squirrel voice, cat voice and bear voice. Students had fun recording and picking their final Silly Summary.

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