What Elfis has been up to the first week in Second Grade

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I was one of the lucky teachers who got a cute little Elf on the Shelf free from the Northpole Playground giveaway.  I found the cutest video on how the elves get ready before they visit us at Christmas time. I am going to have to show my kiddos this next week. I'm sure they will love it.


Elfis, the name given to our class elf, was hanging from a ribbon when he first arrived in our class on Monday.  Tuesday he was playing with a barrel of monkey and the candy canes on our Christmas tree.  On Wednesday he was in our jungle leaves on top of our windows.
On Thursday Santa delivered us some special dirt (oatmeal with glitter mixed into it) and special seeds (peppermint candies) to grow a sweet treat.  I used a generic brand of oatmeal and covered the original label with white construction paper. Then placed a label over top of it that I created to say Santa's special dirt. The seeds were placed in a white lunch bag with the Santa's special seeds label. (written on seed label: no sunlight needed only good behavior will get your seed to grow. To get your FREE copy just click the link and download it from Google docs.
Here is our class finding the note about the seeds and planting them.

Then the next day we had grown some candy canes. Two students who had clips moved the day before for behavior issues didn't have anything grow from their seed. Three other students who had a little trouble with behavior but did not get clips moved had smaller candy canes because they didn't have enough growing power to make a big candy cane.
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There are also 6 cute Elf on the Shelf apps you can download for free. These games could be used as an incentive or reward game for work all finished.

Snowball fight
This cute game you have to see if you can hit snowballs at other elves without hitting Santa. There is a score at the end. I thought students could play it 2 times and add score together or even more to see the total of a few games. Play it with a friend by taking turns to see who could get the high score.

Light the Tree Reminds me of the light up game Simon that I played as a kid. You try to touch the lights in the correct pattern as they get faster throughout the game.

City of Elves  Elf glides through New York City heading to the parade. Elf needs you to help guide the way avoiding all the obstacles.

Flight Training Have fun testing out your pilot skills as you help elf fly through the air. You can choose from different planes and then you have 30 seconds to collect as many packages as you can.

Music Mixer
Mix a bunch of different sounds effects, drum beats, and instruments to make a short little song. So many varieties to create some fun music for the elves.

Slide and Glide Try to slide the packages down the shoot and onto the cart to help deliver the presents. Trying to decide how much pull to get the presents to land just right. Reminds me a little of Angry Birds in that way.


  1. Cute pics! Thanks for linking up. Elfis has been having some fun.

  2. Thanks for linking up! I am your newest follower. I had no idea about the apps! My students will be so excited!
    Seusstastic Classroom Inspirations

  3. So many cute ideas! Thanks for sharing:-)

  4. Love the special dirt. Where did you get the little bags they planted their seeds in?
    Check out my blog to to see where our elf has been.

    Grade 2 Happenings

    1. I made them out of toilet paper tubes. They weren't as innovative as I thought since they wouldn't stand up like I wanted or I would have blogged about them too. I am hoping to see if I could use another tube on the outside and make them stand up. Might work on that for next year.


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