Funtabulous Giveaway with Loaded Flash Drives for K-5 Teachers

Okay IT'S THE WEEKEND... (picture me running around the room waving my arms all over jumping up and down saying this to get the full effect!) and I need it so bad.  After two day with a sub in my classroom so I could do my MClass testing and having little accomplished in either place you want to pull all you hair out little strand by little stand. The first day went great!!  I got lots done  considering they scheduled a fire and tornado drill all in the same day, which helped me lose about 45 minutes of testing by the time you do both drills and have recess late. The Second Day I think my blood pressure was through the roof and I had a headache like nobody's business because my device would say loading... after every page I clicked on the computer for literally 2 minutes. (Brings back those dial up internet days when it took 15-20 minute for a web page to load at my house.)   SOOO... by 2:00 I had to hang it up and try again today which wasn't much better even though the MClass people say they had their server problem fixed.  Thanks to our tech gal who does such a great job and spent most of the last two day with tech support to finally find out that testing on an iPad fixed all my issues.  Today I ended up with 4 students fully tested.  Now to finish the rest next week. I will be using the iPad for sure.

Enough about that!!  I am sooooo excited to tell you that I am part of this FLASH DRIVE giveaway thingy and you have to CHECK-IT-OUT!!!  Just think of winning a flash drive loaded with tons of fun FREE resources for you to use in the classroom specifically for the grade you teach.  It's really easy to sign up.  Hit the link. Follow your grade link at the bottom and sign up.  Oh and I donated my Winter "Apptivities" Reading and Math fun stuff for Second Grade that can be used for early finishers, centers, workstations or just extra activities in your classroom.

I also donated my Math Thinking Cards which can be used for a moving seat activity, listening thinking skill  or a math center. I hope one of my followers is lucky enough to win the loaded flash drive!

So sign up, PIN and promote this give away as much as you can.  I wish you all good luck!!

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