I made it.... 150 followers on my blog and 100 followers on my TPT store

 I was so excited to get my first check in the mail from Teachers Pay Teachers this week. Thanks to anyone who purchased items from my store. 

When I started TPT back in July I never dreamed I would get a check in the mail. I remember the day I read someone's blog and said they got a check in the mail. I had no idea how you get a check in the mail so I went on over to TPT to find out how you get a check in the mail.  Well to get one you have to make over $500.00 in a quarter which is 3 months. Considering joining??
Let's just say I've learned alot since joining.  If your considering I say GO FOR IT. It definitely brought much love back into my job. I had kind of lost that creative touch in my classroom with all the testing push but now it is back and I'm a much happier teacher for it. I am sharing all the things I make for my classroom with the teachers at my school for FREE. 
I LOVE coming up with new ideas for  my class that I can also make a little bit of extra money too.
And For My Give Away... See Photo of Prizes Above
The blogs with no prize samples are giving away any choice from their store!!

You have a chance at 7 different prizes!

A $25.00 Walmart Gift Card

My special prize to add to this give away is this wishing star necklace from the Vintage Pearl.  I just found this jewelry company this last week on facebook and I am in LOVE with all their jewelry. This gift is to help wish all you bloggers out there the best in your teaching career.  It's a $59.00 necklace and you can have it stamped with a name, initials or a date on the back.  The reason it is so special to me is that my school mascot is a STARFIRE. And we have this poem as our motto at our school.
The Star Polisher
by Leah Becks
I have a great job in the universe of occupations. What do I do? I'm a "star polisher."
  It's a very important job. If you want to know how important,
just go out at night and look at the stars twinkling and sparkling.
You see, I'm a teacher.
The stars are the children in my class.
My job is to take them in - in whatever shape they come -
and shine and buff them and then send them out to take their places
as bright little twinkling beacons in the sky.
They come into my room in all shapes and sizes.
Sometimes they're bent, tarnished, dirty, crinkly and broken.
Some stars are cuddly, soft and sweet.
Some stars are prickly and thorny.
As I buff, polish, train and teach my little stars,
I tell them that the world cannot do without them.
I tell them they can do anything they set their minds to do.
I tell them they can be the brightest, shiniest stars in the sky
and the world will be a better place because of them.
Each night as I look at the sky, I'm reminded of my
very important job and awesome responsibility.
I go and get my soft buffing cloth
and my bottle of polish in preparation for tomorrow
and for my class of little stars.

Good Luck and I hope you all enjoy this GIVEAWAY! If you win I hope you will wear it with pride as you think of yourself as a STAR POLISHER!!

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  1. I entered and blogged about your giveaway! Thanks for putting together such a great giveaway, and congrats on your milestone!

    Mrs. K's Imperfect Journey

  2. Congratulations! So exciting! And thanks for including me in your giveaway! :)

    Third Grade All Stars

  3. I shared your giveaway on my blog!




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