Who let the Dogs Out...101 of them

Happy 101 Day! We turned into little doggies today in my Second Grade classroom as we celebrated that we have been in school 101 days this year. I am in a school with 5 classes at each grade level and since our K and 1st does lots of  things to celebrate 100 day I like to change it up a bit a celebrate 101.  For the past 4 years we have celebrated this special occasion and the little doggies seem to love it!

 I made a giant cardboard doghouse from a furniture box and it has lasted quite nicely and looks really cute to give the whole dog effect. It also makes a great backdrop for pictures.

Our little doggie ears and spotted T-shirts.

Dalmatian research and a few other fun Dalmatian games on the computer.
Made a little Dalmatian cut and glue paper craft to go with our Dalmatian stories that we wrote.

Watched a 9 minute video clip of the favorite parts of the dalmatian movie.

Played a 101 card game that practiced addition and subtraction with regrouping into the hundreds. ( I learned we need to review and practice this again in class.)  We had other activities we didn't get to today and will finish later this week.  I have lots of students traveling from here to there and not enough time to do all I had planned. That seems to happen every year.  

I am going to add some pictures of my day to the packet I made before I put if for sale on TPT. You could also use this pack during fire safety week too.  If you would love to have a packet of the fun filled ideas that are tried and true for the last 4 years for free. Please leave a comment and I will give it to the first 3 to comment below.  Thanks so much!  

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  1. I like the idea of celebrating 101 days of school - very clever of you!

  2. We are celebrating the 101st day of school tomorrow. I would love a copy of this! Thanks for sharing!

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