Happy Birthday Abe Lincoln- Make a fun Lincoln Mask

Comic Book is a paid app for $1.99 but definitely worth it. I'm pretty sure I got it for free when it first came out, but check it out to make some pretty fun comics for learning in the classroom. There are many layouts and you can add effects and speech bubbles too.  I had the privilege of visiting the State House in Indianapolis on Lincoln's birthday. SOOO... just had to get the picture with him.  (or should I say, his statue) We have been learning about Lincoln this week for Social Studies.

How to make a mask or fun bulletin board display for President's Day or Lincoln's Birthday.

What you'll need:
9 inch black paper plate
2 12x9 inch black construction paper

Directions: Cut out the center of the plate; leaving the rim.
Cut out a 7 inch by 8 inch rectangle for the the top hat part of the hat. Cut a 2 inch by 12 inch strip of construction paper for the rim of the hat.  Lay the top hat part on top of paper plate and then place the 2 by 12 inch strip on top of that and then staple together to the plate.

I made the masks but really wanted something fun for my bulletin board so I printed picts of their faces and taped them inside the masks for the board. The students made fun little Lincoln posters with facts we have been learning about him, which we are still adding to the board.  I like the 3D effect it gives my board and other students walking by get quite giggly looking at my students with the funny Lincoln beards and hats.

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