HOT, HOT, HOT...Maybe NOT (Give some input for a freebie)

HOT, HOT, HOT... Thinkin' hot to get rid of the Cold Winter Blues.  We have been studying all about the desert in our Second Grade classroom.

Maybe NOT...My sister lives in Arizona and I have visited her twice and just in love with the wonderful scenes of the desert. The funny thing is she sent me a bunch of pictures this week from the desert and there was snow!!  LOTS OF SNOW. It was so exciting to share these picts with my students and what a beautiful scene to see snow on the Saguaros.

I've been working on some activities today to prepare for this week and one is the fun gum chewing rattler.  Stay tuned later this week for the cute rattle snake picts. (I think we are going to add some rice to the tail in a little paper pouch so it will have a rattle sound.) If you haven't read the story before I included a video of the author telling the story.  It's really cute and the kids just love it every year when I read it.

I'm in Need of Your Great Wisdom...
Needing some input before I finish this desert mini unit up.  If you can help me out and comment below I will randomly pick one of the people who comments to get the unit for free when it is complete.

This unit has some fact cards and I was wondering if your students would like a scavenger hunt type activity with the cards where you hang them around the room and they search for answers? Would your students prefer a booklet to use as a non-fiction Guided Reading with questions to answer as they read?

Would you as a teacher like both options in the unit so you could choose which way to use it?

Do you like using QR codes? The fact cards have QR codes that link to videos.  Schools that don't have ipods and ipads could still use the packet without searching the codes. The research pages also have QR codes that link right to the webpage to find the facts.

Does your school allow students to link a QR code to you tube on ipods/ipads?  I used my iphone to have students scan them because we don't have any ipod/ipads with cameras.  The students absolutely loved the videos! They are mostly around a minute  or two in length and just to help build background on the topic of the card and also help them learn some more things about the desert.

Just found out some great news at my school on Thursday.  All classroom teachers are getting one ipad for use in the classroom starting in April so I will definitely be making more of these activities to use in my classroom.

Hope you have time to give me a little input it is much appreciated!! Have a great week!


  1. Desert animals now that is something my special education boys would love. How about getting that IPAD! We don't have any IPADS... I use my personal one if I want to try something out and make recommendations.
    :o) V.
    Special Teacher for Special Kids

  2. Very cool projects! We just did a curriculum exhibition, and another class in our school learned all about desert animals! (we did Sea Animals..)

    I am your newest follower! I'm looking forward to following your posts :)

    Mindful Rambles

  3. I love your blog and all of the cool ways you use technology! Thanks for letting me try out the Sonora Desert stuff in my classroom. My kids loved it. You can check out my review here:


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