Tech Tuesday

Do you love doing creative stuff with Picts? Have you heard of the app Percolator?  It's a paid app for $1.99.  I bought this app a year ago and I still love it! It gives a fun, different look to my photos! Check out the samples below to see photos before and after the effect.

 I also like the app Diptic to make fun collages.  It is a paid app for 99¢.  It has so many options and variety of collages to create.  I used it to create the before and after effects photos.

I have never used these apps for the classroom because we aren't allowed to get paid apps for our ipods/ipads.  
I am usually all about free apps but though I'd share these 2 paid apps that are definitely worth the price.
Would love to know your ideas of ways you would use these in the classroom.

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