Space Fun with Green Screen and Puppet Pals HD

LOVE making movies with my students. My students always LOVE making movies too. The best part watching the final product on the BIG SCREEN. (whiteboard in our classroom) While learning about Space two years ago my students made this video with Green Screen using the book Star Sailor by George Ivan off.  (This leveled reader goes along with the McMillan McGraw-Hill Reading Series) Students wrote their own script and we made props for the interview.  This was a very involved project that was made to challenge my highest readers who did an excellent job.

Interview in Space from anita Goodwin on Vimeo.

Today we created this fun movie with Puppet Pals HD. I have purchased the directors pass to have access to all the characters and background. My favorite part of the directors pass is that you can add your own backgrounds and characters from any photo you have taken.  Easy way to have kids make puppets of themselves or book characters. The students loved making it and the rest of the class enjoyed their final product!! Can't wait to use Puppet Pals in more areas in the classroom.  Maybe you will be inspired to make your own movie too.

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