I'm in love...Knuffle Bunny

While looking for ideas to do with my class before Spring Break, one of those down weeks where we weren't doing a basal story I was reading blog posts and came across Hope King's post about using Knuffle Bunny books.  Pronounced with a hard K! I had never paid much attention to Mo Willems books before because I was thinking they were for much younger kids, but boy was I wrong.  I am in love with Knuffle Bunny!  I am into photography so of course those illustrations popped out at me right away. The book series is Adorable (with a capital A) and if you have never read them I suggest getting all three and reading them all together. I was so excited when I found out our library had all three I went right away to check them out and read them and bought her unit. It is jammed packed with activities to go along with the books.

What a great story about a little girl growing up with her favorite little to. She is always losing it. Then in the last story she gives the bunny away to someone else who needs it. My student loved making their own bunnies.  This was perfect to do right before Spring Break with Easter being over ours, but I would recommend this for any other time too. Of course we didn't have time to do all the activities in the unit because it is so jam packed with goodies.  I did shrink one of her bunny patterns so we could put a little bunny on the page with Trixie.  It makes a great bulletin board in the hall and our other bunnies are hanging under our whiteboard.  Check out Hope King's Knuffle Bunny A Book Series pack if you haven't had a chance already. My students absolutely loved the books.

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